The Helium Blockchain Alliance is a not-for-profit and open source project aimed at creating global data standards for Blockchains in the construction, infrastructure, mining and utilities sectors.

This is to enable software vendors to integrate with Blockchains and to facilitate interoperability between Blockchains.

Blockchains + IoT + BIM + COBie + Construction

Each one of these topics can be a minefield, but when you combine them, you get endless opportunities within the $15trillion construction sector.

The best time to fully integrate smart cities technology into the fabric of built assets is during the construction phase.

These are the ingredients that can increase productivity within the construction sectors, but over the life time of built assets, these are the ingredients for smart cities.


Blockchain Meets Construction or is that Construction Meets Blockchain?

This website is primarily focused around introducing blockchain technology to the construction sector - a sector that wants to see more technology being used.

But we're also going to be introducing the world of construction to the Blockchain community as we strive to get FinTech professionals to build a variety of tools aimed at the construction market.

Helium Blockchain Alliance

Helium is a noble gas. It enables and facilitates, but rarely gets in the way.

That's our goal too.

We want to help define requirements for using Blockchains within the construction, infrastructure, mining, oil & gas, energy and utilities sectors.

This enables software providers, design teams, professional bodies, data analysts, local authorities, governments and many millions of innovators to get on with shaping our digital built environments without worrying about data incompatibility.

As a committee made up of people with expertise in construction, blockchains, IoT, COBie and BIM we want to help shape inter-operable specifications by mutual agreement - what is known within Blockchain circles as consensus.